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Friday, August 6, 2010

Introducing Quill to Quill and Heart to Heart

Have you closed the covers on my medieval romance, Loyalty's Web, and asked yourself, "What happened next?"

Quill to Quill and Heart to Heart is designed to answer that very question! Like it's sister blog, Quill to Quill, Quill to Quill and Heart to Heart is also composed of correspondence. In this case, the letters are written from Heléne (the heroine of Loyalty's Web) to the three men in her life she most loves: her husband, Hugh de Bury, Earl of Gunthar; her father, Lord Laurant; and her brother, Therri. When royal business draws them apart, Gunthar's letters to Heléne will also appear under the above tab, "Quill to Quill: Heléne and Gunthar".

For the time being, Quill to Quill and Heart to Heart will fill in the blanks between Loyalty's Web and Illuminations of the Heart (i.e., 1176-1179). To follow events after 1179, read the correspondence between Heléne and Siri by clicking on the "Quill to Quill: Heléne and Siri" tab on Quill to Quill.

If you need a refresher course as to how Heléne and Gunthar met, click on the "Summary of Loyalty's Web" tab above. To read the letters, click on the Quill to Quill tabs above. (Example: Quill to Quill: Heléne and Gunthar)

NOTE: Due to the nature of, letters must be read in reverse order for correct chronology. You will find the Blog Archive on each Quill to Quill and Heart to Heart page helpful for this purpose. Or see the post links in the left hand sidebar for links to all letters in chronological order.

1 comment:

  1. I was SO excited to answer your question about what happens next!

    My little boy read Tennis Shoes among Nephites and bawled his little head off with the ending. To be honest, I'm shocked that the romance line in that story had such an impact on his 11 year-old heart???

    I didn't know he had it in him!! SO guess what I did? (covering my mouth here with modesty as I giggle)

    Muahahahahhaah!!! >)

    I rewrote the ending on 2 lined sheets of school paper by hand and stapled it to the back of the book. There. He was the happiest little guy after that. My heart bleeds for him. I'm so happy he's happy with that.


    I really LOVE being a writer.

    Thank you for following my blog!!!

    ~Elizabeth :)